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Case Study - Bob Tuffin - Wire Art Sculpture

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Link Building, Email Marketing and a Google Adwords Campaign for Bob Tuffin - Wire Art Sculpture

bob tuffin wire art sculpturehttp://www.wireartsculpture.co.uk

Bob Tuffin is becoming a well known and well sought after artist, with growing international interest in his wire art sculptures.

Based in historical Scarborough Bob Tuffin creates unique wire art sculptures using copper, steel and aluminium wire, mostly reclaimed from scrap. Bob uses the wire to 'sketch' in 3D to create some stunning contemporary work.

The Challenge

Bob Tuffin was using ebay as his main sales tool. He neede da website and he needed to get it positioned in order to sell to the US market. Bob needed an affordable solution that he could build over time as budget permitted.

The solution
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