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Case Study - PI Marketing (PIM)

Google Adwords Campaign for PI Marketing (PIM)

http://www.pi-marketing.comPI Marketing PIM

PI Marketing are a marketing agency specialising in B2B telemarketing and telesales campaigns.

In order to launch their new 'freerange' campaign, 22M were asked to set up and monitor a Google Adwords Campaign for a period of two weeks.

A test budget of £300 was agreed in order to define the most relevant keyphrases based around "telemarketing", "telesales" and "call centre"

The solution

Within 4 hours they saw a dramatic increase in online and telephone enquiries and followed up 6 leads for blue chip companies like 'oat so simple'

Within 3 days they increased their advertising spend to £250 per day and are now getting an average of 6 - 10 calls a day from the Google Advertising Campaign

Click Price £0.02 - £4.56 per click

PIM have so much business from their campaign, it now only runs once a month so if the ads aren't live this time - check back soon!

click here to search for 'telemarketing'

click here to search for 'call centre'

click here to see ads for the keyphrase 'telesales'


Further Growth

PI Marketing are so pleased with the campaign and the ROI that they now wish to use Google Adwords on a permanent basis. 22M will be training their staff to maintain and manage the accounts and setting up Google Adwords campaigns for their other products and services

We are delighted with the response to date. Our site had over 100 hits on the first day with a conversion of 6 enquiries every day, and that’s even with a limited spend.

I would have no reservation recommending your services to our clients or utilizing your services for further development.

Amanda Fisher
Managing Director
PI Marketing (PIM

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All of our clients - including ourselves - have not just one but several top 10 Google Positions for various keyword phrases.


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