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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Intellisell - Intelligent Sales Force Solutions


Created by Practical Logic Limited. Intellisell is a modular add on for Sage Accounts packages to improve the efficiency of Sales order entry.


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The Challenge
22M were initially hired as internet marketing consultants to make the Intellisell brand visible in Google. Working with http://www.archa.co.uk to provide a brand, website, and Flash demo for the product launch.
The solution

Adwords PPC Campaign
22M set up a Pay-per-click Google Adwords Campaign in order that the Intellisell could generate instant online business enquiries, and gather the data of companies looking for Sage Software Add ons.

See the Intellisell Adwords Campaign Live

Website Optimisation
22M optimised the Intellisell website for specific Google search terms and gave advice on copywriting content for maximum ROI.

Due to the additional expertise we have in design and offline marketing, we were later asked to created an exhibition banner stand and promotional literature.

Within 6 weeks Intellisell were placed at the top of Google for worldwide searches using the search word 'Intellisell'. Intellisell now dominates the top 10 search showing no less than 6 listings (including our own)!

click here to see search results for 'intellisell'


Further Growth

22M are now developing relationship building strategies, advising on relevant domain name purchase, for example, the sage user message board www.i-sage.co.uk, and an online partnership programme for reselling the product through the sage network.

Do you use Sage? Do you need an Intelligent Sales Force solution - why not give them a call to see if they can help you increase the efficiency of your business?

Additional Design

Promotional literature

4 page glossy brochure created for use at the Istug Sage User Event.

Exhibition Banner Stand

Intellisell were unsure of how much space they would be allotted at the exhibition. Also as this was their first banner they wanted it to be as generic as as possible

In order to make the banner cost effective and useable in various situations, we chose a 3 section banner, that could be used as either a two section or a single standalone section allowing for space constraints. We also chose a twist magnetic stand that could be extended to any size, simply by ordering additional sections.

If you are interested in exhibition stands or promotional materials for your company, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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