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Free SMS Text Messages to Pakistan, UK, Worldwide from TextMeFree.com


NCC National consortium of collegesTextMeFree.com is a directory of websites that provide a free SMS service to the UK, Pakistan, and Worldwide.

The site, dedicated to SMS (sms dictionary, sms jokes, sms poems, SMS sites etc.), was established in 2001 due to the fact that finding reliable services that let you send free sms text messages was (and still is) difficult.

TextMeFree also provide a directory of bulk sms marketing service providers.

Send Free SMS Text Messages to UK

Send Free Text Messages to Pakistan

The Challenge

national consortium of Colleges NCCTextMeFree.com has always maintained a highly visible presence on major search engines like Yahoo!, MSN and Google surviving change afer change in the respective search engine algorithms.

However, in September 2005 the site 'disappeared' from Google (going from page #1 to page #7) overnight. Despite a complete site redesign, the site can still not be found on Google for a wide range of keywords. The TextMeFree site owner seemed disenchanted with search engine optimization, but was willing to consider 22M's approach of working out what was wrong and fixing it, even if it meant yet another site redesign.

The solution

In order to test the visibility of an optimised page in its' simplest form, 22M have set up this test page to see where it ranks in Google upon the next index.

Using a series of inward linking strategies combined with targetted Adwords Adverts for SMS, Free TExt Messaging, Free SMS to Pakistan and UK, 22M aim to identify the areas of the site re-design in most need of attention.

Start Date 10th May 2006... Watch this space...

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