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gap qualified logoIf you have a website and want to increase traffic and sales, search engine marketing (SEM) programmes such as Google Adwords are an essential part of your online strategy.

Whether you have an existing campaign that needs managing, or you need a new campaign from scratch. 22M Search Marketing services guarantee ROI and improvements to any existing campaign.

Pay-per-click management prices

Many agencies operate using the standard 10% of Advertising spend as a management fee with a minimum charge of £500.

We prefer to determine a fee based on the amount of work required to run the campaign each month. For example, Single Product campaigns generally require less management than a multi product campaign. Prices start at £300 per month with an additional 'setup fee for the first month.

Your management fee includes:

22m R&D of your marketplace (ongoing)
22m Weekly reporting on your campaign
22m Recommendations and changes to the campaign
22m Regular updates of keywords and keyphrases
22m Continued optimisation of your campaign
22m Bid management so you don't pay more than you have to
22m Addition of Ads wherever necessary
22m Advice on landing pages for success
22m Advice on additional strategies for online success

If your advertising budget is less than £3,000 per month you may be interested in our Google Adwords Training Course. This will enable you to setup and manage your own campaign in house without the need of agency involvement.

One on one advice or ongoing 'mentoring' is based on an hourly fee of £75 per hour.

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