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Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Customers often describe things differently to industry professionals. For example, if you were looking for a Divan set for your king size bed. Would you type in 'affordable Divan Set' or would you type in 'cheap bedding'?

In-depth keyword research determines exactly what is being searched for by web users, and is the basis of all good web optimisation.

Keyword Research is an essential first step to online success, helping you to:

  • Properly place your products and services online.
    Drive traffic to your site by using the words people actually use when they're searching
  • Plan profitable pay-per-click campaigns by using specific keyword phrases to capture your market.
  • Understand competitor strategy
  • Determine the exact areas to target.
  • Discover untapped market areas using less competitive keyword combinations


Keyword Research Services
Google Advertising Professional

In-depth Keyword Research

Package includes:

  • 1 hour telephone, MSN or Skype consultation with our Keyword Expert

  • Search engine analysis of your website and competitor sites.

  • Link analysis of your website and competitor sites.

  • Keyword analysis of your website and competitor sites.



sale price
£350 £ 250
until 30th April

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We employ a Fully qualified Google Advertising Professional & Adwords Expert. To view our professional status page, please click here: Qualified Google Advertising Professional Status Page - Contact us:




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