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google adwords listingsGoogle Adwords is a Cost-Per-Click (CPC), also known as Pay per Click (PPC), search engine advertising programme, that could give your web presence the visibility you've been waiting for...

google adwords listingsGoogle Adwords are adverts that appear around natural search listings, so that you can target customers at the very moment that they are searching for your product or service.

Adwords can help you get straight to the top of search engine listings, generate instant new business, and discover a wealth of untapped market areas for your products or services.

Expert Professional consultation the first step to pinpointing exactly where to spend your advertising budget.

Whether you're a restaurant looking to make last minute bookings, a gift shop looking for an extra boost in sales, an estate agent looking for more enquiries... a photographer looking for additional clients, or a not for profit organisation that simply needs to provide information to the public...

With 90% of all web traffic reported to come
from search engines, it is VITAL that you have
a search engine marketing strategy in place.

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How can Google Adwords help your business?

Google Advertising Professional

Cost-per-click pricing means you only pay when people click on your advert - Which means that it is easy to control advertising costs.

Google Advertising Professional Daily Budget control - Ensures that you never overspend. You decide how much you want to spend and when you want to spend it.
Google Advertising Professional Keyword Targeted Advertising
Which means that your ads are served at precisely the time that potential customers are searching for a product or service.
Google Advertising Professional Online performance reports 24/7 - So at any time you can check your account and see your results.
Google Advertising Professional Regional Settings - Gives you total control. Choose from dozens of languages and nearly 200 countries. You can even choose to show your ads only to users in specific cities or regions.
Google Advertising Professional It takes less than 24 hours to start generating traffic - So Google can start helping your business today!
Google Advertising Professional Google has an huge network of sites - Helping you increasing you online advertising exposure by advertising on specific websites

How much does Adwords cost?

Adwords Prices vary dependant on how competitive your chosen market and keywords are. Click price starts from £0.02 per click. Initially you will need to test your keywords to see what is actually being searched for, and it is advised that you use a qualified professional that is recognised by Google as having expert knowledge in how to get the best from your campaign for the best results.

Every market niche performs differently online so in order to make sure that your budget is spent wisely our Expert Adwords consultancy is recommended - it could save you thousands in unecessary spend.

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