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Case Study #1 - National Consortium of Colleges (NCC)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Link Building, Email Marketing and a Google Adwords strategy for the National Consortium of Colleges (NCC)


The National Consortium of Colleges (NCC) are a leading provider of free B2B training courses within the UK.

22M were initially hired in as designers to re-vamp the NCC site in line with a new brand identity, but it soon became clear that they were in need of some additional help.

The NCC were looking to make their business more efficient by using the internet to allow prospective clients to download course outlines, and book courses 24/7/365. They were spending large sums of money on traditional marketing yet there were no visitors and they had no Google search engine placement.

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The solution

22M set up a Pay-per-click Google Adwords Campaign in order that the NCC could generate instant online business and gather the data of companies looking for free training.

For Maximum impact, and in order to grow the traffic to the website, an email newsletter service was set up and the process automated in order that the NCC could take over the management of the Newsletter themselves at a later date.

The Results

Within two months the NCC saw a dramatic increase in online enquiries and their traffic increased from 0 to 2000 per month.

Within 4 months the NCC no longer needed the pay per click Adwords campaign, and business increased steadily. Now the campaign is switched on and off as and when new leads are required, or for the launch of new courses

Within 6 months of the launch of the free monthly newsletter the NCC had 4000+ subscribers. Having started from zero the NCC now have a mailing list of over 15,000 business and colleges which they use to generate traffic and repeat business

All campaigns and newsletter strategy
are now taken care of in house

From having no previous search engine listing, the NCC now appear in the top 10 of most major search engines for all of their relevant phases including the highly competitive phrase 'ncc', not an easy task if you think how many National Centres and National Councils are competing for the position!

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Further Growth

The NCC are now going ahead with an extensive link building campaign to improve the Google listings even more for many of the courses, and with our help are steadily setting up optimised mini-sites to further promote their services and courses.

NCC courses are all free, so if you have a minimum of 6 persons
why not see how free B2B training could benefit your business?

All of our clients - including ourselves - have not just one but several top 10 Google Positions for various keyword phrases.

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