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gap qualified logoWhether you are looking to increase your conversion rate, maximise your ROI, or simply want to learn how to use pay-per-click search marketing for your business, we can help you get the best out of your online marketing budget or help you train your in house team.

22M Google Advertising Professionals have over 10 years online experience and over 3 years of PPC Management and Adwords training experience.

All of our professionals have been trained by Jackie Hole a leading Adwords expert and Google Advertising Professional with over 10 years of online experience.

22M have a 100% ROI track record
and guarantee improvements to your campaign
or your management fee back!

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PPC, Pay per Click, Paid search Marketing, SEM

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Google Adwords Campaign 22MTarget web users at the exact moment they are searching for your product or service and take advantage of contextual advertising.


Adwords TrainingEarn while you learn with our online and pay per click (PPC) online marketing courses. Other Digital Courses also available


Google ExpertIf a website can't be found online - does it really exist? Optimisation makes you visible, accessible, and can lower your marketing costs.


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Jackie Hole is interviewed by

Google Offers Olive Branch To Newspapers By Parmy Olson - (Forbes Magazine)

Jacqueline Hole, a consultant for companies who use Google AdWords, believes that advertisers will continue to opt for online marketing. "By opening up new markets to offline customers, Google has essentially found a way to bring new markets online," she said...

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Huddersfield and Barnsley Eye articles 22M Internet Survival Tactics

Jackie Hole, one of the North’s leading Digital Marketing experts, lets you into some internet secrets that can drastically improve your readership, membership and online visibility.

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Huddersfield and Barnsley Eye articles 22MFree web course from seasoned professional Steve M Nash

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Huddersfield and Barnsley Eye articles 22MThere are so many internet marketing books, resources and courses to choose from, so to save you time and money, here's our pick of the best internet marketing books

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22M Head Office Move to the Media Centre, Huddersfield - the fast growing New Media Capital of the north. The Friendly Street building is one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the UK - opened by the Queen in May 2007. join the 22M Client List!

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